Animal Sex Photographs

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Tortoise Sex
Tortoises Mating *

Tortoise Sex
Photo © Bill Love, Used by permission.
Tortoises Mating

African Elephant Sex
African Elephants Mating *

Asian Elephant Sex
Asian Elephants Mating *

Bruce Whittaker's African Safari Pictures
Elephant Mating Video!

Lion Sex
Photo by Michael Wain, Used by permission.
Lions Mating

Lion Sex
Lions Mating *

Cat Sex
Cats Mating (Oh, m'gosh!)*

Chinchilla Sex
Chinchillas Mating *

Mouse Sex
Mice Mating *

Tapir Sex
Tapirs Mating *

Sugar Glider Sex
Sugar Gliders Mating *

Chameleon Sex
Photo © Bill Love, Used by permission.
Chameleons Mating

Snake Sex
Photo © Bill Love, Used by permission.
Corn Snakes Mating

Snake Sex
Photo © Bill Love, Used by permission.
Corn Snakes Mating

Toad Sex
Toads Mating *

Rubyspot Sex
Photo by John Sterling, Used by permission.
American Rubyspots Mating

Leaf Beetle Sex
Photo: Bruce Marlin
Leaf Beetles Mating

Soldier Beetle Sex
Photo: Bruce Marlin
Soldier Beetles Mating

Beetle Sex
Beetles Mating *

Beetle Sex
Photo courtesy of The Animal Photo Archive
Beetles Mating

Marsh Fly Sex
Photo: Bruce Marlin
Marsh Flies Mating

Dragonfly Sex
Dragonflies Mating *

Fly Sex
Flesh Flies Mating *

Bee Sex
Bees Mating *

Tick Sex
Ticks Mating *

Pipefish Sex
Pipefish Mating *
Crane Fly Sex
Photo: L X Silberbauer © Australian Museum
Crane Flies Mating
Grasshopper Sex
Grasshoppers Mating *

Ant Sex
Ants Mating *

Hyena Sex
Photo courtesy of
Hyenas Mating

Dingo Sex
Dingos Mating *

Dog Sex
Dogs Mating *

Deer Sex
Deer Mating   (oops, who's that?) *

Whale Sex
Orcas Mating *

Seahorse Sex
Seahorses Mating *

Horse Sex
Horses Mating *

Zebra Sex
Zebras Mating *

Bear Sex
Bears Mating *

Panda Sex
Pandas Mating *

Monkey Sex
Monkeys Mating *

Camel Sex
Camels Mating (one hump, or two?) *

Giraffe Sex
Giraffes Mating *

Rhino Sex
Rhinos Mating *

Snail Sex?
Snail Mating? *
Hee hee! I couldn't resist that one! :-)

Human Sex
Humans Mating *

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